Overboard Control

I’ve been sitting in training for the past three days now learning a new host of tools for a client that we are taking on at work and it comes time to actually install the software to my work computer. Some of the software is simply a module to something already installed, however a handful of the tools are brand new to me and need to be installed.  To get the ball rolling I hit up the help desk and landed in line at position 6.

Forty-five minutes later I finally got a human being on the line (who happened to be somewhere in India I think) and got to explaining the problem to them.  Another 15 minutes later and they have told me nothing and done less; according to the second person I got on chat (they had to transfer me to a US tech) I was informed that there was “a new process” for requesting admin access to my system.

The following day I decided to attempt to contact the Help Desk people again, this time I checked out the main site a little more closely and saw a link where I could request admin access to the computer.  Upon inspection of the request page I was  informed that this request had to be approved by a VP, then after that it was evaluated by the IT department for security concerns at which time they could still deny the request.

Now comes the part where I rage about this, because its so absurd that I have to go through a VP and the IT department (in that order) to get a few pieces of software installed on my computer to support an existing client.  I cannot fathom why the VP would be consulted before the IT department, it seems so backwards that I would expect it from the Federal Government and not a business.  It really is a shame that I can’t use this as an excuse if I don’t get my software installed in preparation for the next phase of taking on this client, because its not like the process is friendly or efficient if a VP who probably has a pile of stuff on their plate has to approve my request (which they probably don’t even understand) and then pass it to the IT department ( who takes a month to get anything accomplished) before I can actually get the password so I can install the software and start ghosting around in it to get better accustomed to it.

If your organization is stupid enough to do this please for the love of god fire the moron who was responsible for this as they are probably a power-hungry douche bag who wants to feel like some sort of demi-god as opposed to an effective manager or VP or whatever their bullshit title is.  Nobody but the jackholes who create this kind of police benefit from it and I can assure you that your employees don’t appreciate being jerked around.

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