low tech Salt deployment

So I have been tearing down and rebuilding a lot of crap in the lab lately (kubernetes clusters, ELK stack, etc) and I have been constantly having to re-add salt to the VMs because salt-cloud doesnt yet play nice with Xen.  After about the 3rd time of doing this I got tired of manually installing epel-release, salt-minion and then changing the config so I wrote perhaps the worst script ever to remotely do all that work for me and possibly be used later when I finally get salt-cloud working with Xen.


echo "deploying salt -> $HOST"
ssh root@$HOST "yum -y install epel-release && yum -y install salt-minion"
ssh root@$HOST "sed -i 's/#master: salt/master:' /etc/salt/minion"
ssh root@$HOST "systemctl start salt-minion && systemctl enable salt-minion"
echo "salt successfully deployed on host: $HOST"

Granted this relies upon me still manually doing ssh-copy-id so I don’t have to keep typing in passwords thats a lot fewer commands, maybe if I get the time I will add in some logic to then auto-accept the key in salt so that I don’t have to manually do that either.

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